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Positioning Systems
Positioning Systems
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BUSCH Microsystems: Strong systems

Our company’s core competence is the development, design and installation of customer-specified positioning systems. To this end, we attach greatest importance to optimum precision and system accuracy.

Our engineers and technicians develop systems, ready for installation and connection, that convince through compact design, optimum precision and fast positioning. Thanks to their high rigidity and low inertia, our systems reach high accelerations with very small yaw, pitch and roll errors.






Our basis for your application

The variety of tasks to be met by our customers call for individual solutions. Our basic systems are designed in such a way that they can be adjusted specifically to your requirements.


We offer the following options, for example:

  • Scalable strokes
  • Optimization for higher bearing loads
  • Absolute or incremental measuring systems
  • Combination with additional axes
  • Design of the system for clean room operation
  • Suitable material selection for various vacuum classes
  • Covering, e.g. bellows
  • With or without controllers
  • Application of various materials such as granite, aluminium, stainless steel or ceramics